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Rights & Services

ILAN aims to assist in the welfare, education and rehabilitation of disabled children until adult age and complete rehabilitation. Our aims include:

1. Integrating each disabled person in a suitable educational, occupational or residential framework. (See ILAN Institutions)

2. Integrating the disabled in sports activities at the ILAN Sports Centers.

3. Assisting and supporting a range of sports and social activities, such as, social clubs, hobbies and socio-cultural past-times.

4. Carrying out annual summer camps for disabled children at kibbutzim and other types of communities in Israel.

5. Providing transport services to activities and services in disabled-accessible vehicles.

6. Providing individual assistance through the Assistance Committee for the purchase of essential rehabilitation equipment, especially adapted computers and for financing paramedical treatments.

ILAN is a non-profit organization, based on volunteer work. Our existence relies on private contributions. ILAN's ability to carry out the above aims and extend its action depends both on its budgetary limitations and the readiness or financial capacity of those who receive assistance to contribute to part of the costs.


Through Local Branches

1. Assistance in placing children and adults in ILAN Institutions. These include kindergartens, elementary schools, vocational training centers and sheltered workshops, rehabilitation and occupational centers, residential homes for disabled adults...(see Institutions of ILAN)

2. Social rehabilitation services provided by social workers specializing in rehabilitation throughout the country. These services are coordinated by the Head Social Worker, at the ILAN Head Office.

3. Assistance in sports and social activities such as: social clubs, hobbies and after-school activities, summer day and sleep-in camps, and any other activities that promote integration.

4. Creation of support groups for parents and siblings.

5. Transportation Assistance in customized vehicles.

Through the Assistance Committee

Individual Financial Assistance

1. Contributing to the purchase of educational disabled-accessible accessories, such as computers, upon written recommendation of a communications clinician, occupational therapist or the school computer teacher.

2. Contributing to the purchase of paramedical equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers, inserts or any other necessary equipment. Ilan's contribution matches that of the National Insurance Services and/or other official organizations (such as the Welfare Department) and voluntary organizations (such as 'Variety').

3. Contributing to the purchase of a first customized private vehicle, provided that appropriate authorization for eligibility from the National Insurance Services is supplied.

4. Contributing to the financing of extra paramedical treatment, beyond the quota allocated by law or by the government authorities, provided that appropriate authorization is supplied. Authorization must be received from the relevant professionals regarding the type of treatment they provide, hourly rate, number of hours actually provided. Also personal details of the therapist should be provided for purposes of internal use.

5. Assistance toward tutoring and enrichment classes on receipt of appropriate authorization. Authorization must be received from the relevant professional as to the type of lessons or enrichment activity, hourly rate, actual number of hours, and the teacher's personal details for internal use and in accordance with proper administrative practices.
ILAN does not provide any financial assistance for dental work, the buying or exchanging apartments, changing vehicles, buying clothing or shoes, or in the purchasing of real estate. ILAN does not provide financial assistance for caregivers (foreign or domestic) or for other daily expenses. Extraordinary requests should be directed to the Central Assistance Committee.