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The President of Israel

Moving event at the President's Residence in honor of Ilan's "March of the Dimes"

President Peres: "The wonderful and innocent impaired children can lean/ rely on the great Ilan." (Ilan in hebrew means tree!)

The President of the State, HE Shimon Peres has paid a great tribute during the important and moving ceremony held in honor of Ilan on October 25th, 2009 at the Israeli Presidents' Residence in Jerusalem.

Among participants were Leo Noe, Head of the British Investments Group Ltd., who hold this year the position of Chairman of the March of the Dimes 2009-2010, Amir Biram, CEO of British Israel, Yossi Tsvi, CEO of the Israel Malls Group, Ehud Rassabi, C.P.A Chairman of Ilan board , Shimon Zurieli, General Director of Ilan and representatives of the Ilan's handicapped people.

The ceremony at the President's Residence was held under the sign of the voluntary hosting of Ilan's summer camps by Kibbutzim and communal villages, and certificates of appreciation were awarded to the representatives of the Kibbutzim and of the villages in acknowledgement of their contribution.

Chairman Ehud Rassabi,  said during his speech that this year has seen a growth of 30% of the number of the applications for assistance received by the association. Rassabi also indicated that the summer camps is one of the biggest and of the more complexed projects that are being conducted in Israel and that its costs is of hundreds of thousands shekels. Despite its heavy cost and the reduction of the donations consecutive to the economic depression, Rassabi ensured that Ilan will continue to run this project and will even enlarge it next summer. Mr. Rassabi expressed his gratitude to Leo Noe for his support to Ilan's Children, and pointed out that thanks to the voluntary work of hundreds of youngsters in Ilan's summer camps, the impaired children get a unique opportunity to enjoy activities of a summer vacation like any other child and feel equal.

Rassabi called the business community and all Israel to open their heart and their pocket to contribute to the continuation of the development and rehabilitation of Ilan's children.

Leo Noe, said during its speech that "we are proud to be a central part of such a significant activity as Ilan's "March of the Dimes", British Israel Investment Group Ltd. contributes a lot to the Israeli society as part of a general policy for the benefit of disabled people, for which our company has received the recognition of "Israel Accessibility". The connection between British Israel Investment Group Ltd. and Ilan is the result of the tremendous contribution of the association to the impaired children and the wish of the company British Israel to contribute from its ability to strengthen those children and offer to all of them happiness and hope for a better future.

The President of the State Shimon Peres said: "Ilan is an organization with a human mission that captures the soul. There is nothing that touches more one's heart and floods it with pain and compassion than a disabled child. Ilan's "March of the Dimes" kept one year after the other its beautiful, modest and graceful historical name. Keep the name, keep the content. Leave for the "March", with the blessing of the State of Israel and with my personal blessing. I have no doubt it will be a magnificent "March" and more successful than ever".