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How Ilan helps

Registration Procedure to Receive Help from ILAN

1. Registration

Application for eligibility to benefits from ILAN should be made to the ILAN branch in the area of residence. (See the List of ILAN Branches). If there is no branch is your area consult the Head Social Worker at the ILAN Head Office.

On registration, a file listing all appropriate services and conditions for eligibility will be opened for each applicant.

2. Request for Financial Assistance from the ILAN Assistance Committee

In order to receive individual assistance from the ILAN Assistance Committee, application should be made to the candidate 's local

ILAN branch upon presentation of the following documents:

  • A social worker's report describing the family situation (family situation, employment and financial situation, special problems, functional ability of the applicant and any other relevant information)
  • Official authorization by the relevant professional body (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, physician etc.) as to the need to purchase equipment or receive help.
  • Quotation or invoice/receipt
  • Latest wage slips (of the parents or of the disabled person himself or his spouse) or confirmation of income.
  • Confirmation of sources of finance (including contributions from other bodies, associations or other institutions.)
  • Confirmation of other sources of income such as National Insurance allowances, income from a Kolel, income assurance, income from the Department of Religious Affairs, allocations etc.

The Assistance Committee considers the request and decides on the amount of Ilan's contribution towards the cost of the treatment or the purchase of equipment applied for.