September, 2015

New day Care Rehabilitation Center for Adults with physical disabilities- Ilan Tel Aviv

Bulldozers are working hard these days at the construction site in Tel Aviv. We finished the digging process already and will start the building construction in a few weeks.

We are working hard to fulfill the dream and hope by 2017 we will be able to open the doors of the new place.

The Center's members look forward to see the new place and to receive many new friends who will join them. The new building will be spacious, clean and will give its members with the means to develop themselves in many areas.

This new magnificent institution will be a reality thanks to donations received along the years. We still have plenty of donor opportunities to be part of this dream, honoring a family member or a business institution.

For details or donations please contact Silvina Freund, Director, Ilan Tel Aviv

tel. 972-3-5281217 fax. 972-3-5281219,