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 ILAN operates rehabilitation facilities and activities to promote the welfare and independence of the individuals attending them. In keeping with ILAN's objective of providing its population with the means to integrate into the workforce according to their capabilities, beginning in schools and continuing in day centers and residential hostels, ILAN runs vocational and creative workshops of various types. Through them, many disabled individuals discover their unique talents and aptitudes. The workshops also offer the participants opportunities for social encounters, increase their self-esteem, and allow them to contribute to and benefit the society in which they live.

Art, in particular painting, is one of the best tools for expression offered the disabled artists. 

Art for sale by subject
Home & Office gifts
Greeting cards
Holidays & Judaica
Signs and engraving
Art for sale by institute
Beit Melichson – sheltered workshop
Netanya hostel
Beit Kassler Hostel for the Handicapped, Haifa
Beit Miriam Day Center, Haifa
Day center, Be’er Sheva
Day center, Tel Aviv
Day center, Jerusalem