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Individual assistance

The Personal Aid Program for the disabled and their family is one of the highest priorities among the many important projects that ILAN organizes for the welfare of the handicapped.

As a result of the low socio-economic background of a large number of the impaired people who are taken care of by ILAN combined to the difficult economic situation in Israel

The Personal Aid Program assists individuals


and their families to surmount some of the financial difficulties that the disability imposes on them personally and on their entire family.

A considerable number of those treated by ILAN come from a low socio-economic background that is exacerbated by the economic situation in Israel. This constantly deteriorating situation has created considerable hardship for many of the physically disadvantaged who need to buy rehabilitative accessories and find it difficult to do so. The prices of motorized wheelchairs, stabilizing, and walking frames etc., and comes high. Sophisticated equipment such as a computer and alternative communication software for those with communications and verbal difficulties are particularly expensive. All these essential items are often beyond the financial abilities of the families that, in any case, have nonstandard demands on their financial resources.

With the aim of helping in these circumstances, ILAN founded the Personal Aid Program. Once in 2 or three month a Personal Aid committee composed of ILAN volunteers and Social Workers receive and examine applications of the physically disadvantaged from all over the country who are in need of financial assistance, and according to the recommendations of social workers in the field, give grants to individuals and members of their families to buy the accessories that are so necessary for the individual's rehabilitation.

On average, the amount of assistance given to any individual is from $250 to $1,000. In special cases, a higher grant is awarded but in no case does ILAN cover 100% of the costs. The family is asked to contribute to the cost of purchase.
It is important to point out that the applications for assistance are many and the financial constraints that we are working under mean that we are able to answer only a fraction of the demand, while the main criteria for granting aid is the social situation of the family and how necessary the accessory is for the rehabilitation of the physically disadvantaged individual.

ILAN's total annual budget for this purpose, including that of its branches, amounts to some $ 500,000. Contributions are received for this program from donors and the ILAN contributions campaign that takes place each year. At present, however, because of the difficult economic situation in Israel, we are in urgent need of additional resources for this purpose. On the one hand, the demand for assistance from ILAN to the physically disadvantaged is constantly growing and on the other, ILAN's available financial resources are dwindling. With additional resources, we would be able to extend this vital service to many others who are in need of our assistance.

We are determined to continue this most important project and to assist the physically disadvantaged that are in need. In the words of the prophet Isiaiah:

"Strengthen ye weak hands and confirm the feeble knees" (Isiaiah, 35, iii).