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Vision and Goals

The mission of ILAN - Israel's Association for Children with Disabilities - is:

To enable Israelis with neuromuscular disabilities to enjoy the best quality of life possible from the day of their birth and throughout their lives by providing for their special needs and advancing their integration into society .We will accomplish this by maintaining our existing facilities, programs and branches throughout the country and establishing new ones, all operated with the assistance of volunteers, and taking full advantage of the expertise we have garnered during our many years serving the welfare of this population and our deep-rooted tradition of service.

In the wake of being awarded the Israel Prize in 2010, and after fifty-eight years of operation, the ILAN Board of Directors thought the time was ripe to begin a process of strategic thinking to evaluate the approach, the values, and the vision of the organization for the coming years.
With the assistance of Nova, a management consulting agency specializing in the non-profit sector, an ILAN steering committee began a year-long process of examination and study, culminating in the consolidation of ILAN's recast vision. The Board of Directors approved the new vision in its general assembly on June 27, 2011.

As a result of our extensive familiarity with the difficulties and challenges faced by people with disabilities in Israel, we at ILAN are committed to helping them live their lives as equals in society and as productive individuals. ILAN's goal is to improve the quality of life of physically disabled people in Israel and advance their inclusion in society.
We believe it is our role to provide each individual with disabilities the totality of services and care they require from the moment of birth so they can fulfill their personal potential and attain maximum independence.
Alongside physical rehabilitation, we believe that social rehabilitation makes a contribution of upmost importance in improving the self-esteem and the general well-being of individuals with disabilities.