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ILAN was founded in the fifties and began to provide care for victims of polio (infantile paralysis). According to the Constitution of the Association (paragraph 2), Ilan`s care extends to victims of infantile paralysis and cerebral palsy (C.P.), as well as any other health situation responsible for muscular and/or balance disorders, caused by congenital or acquired impairment of the central nervous system, the spine, the peripheral nerves, the muscles or the skeleton.

The Most Common Impairments are:

Cerebral Palsy (C.P)

Neuromuscular Diseases - Muscular Dystrophy (M.D.)

Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.)

Spina Bifida (S.B)

Polio (Infantile Paralysis)

Limb Disorders


Amputated Limbs