ILAN−The Israeli Association for Children with Disabilities

Ensuring that people with physical disabilities live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Since the 1952 polio outbreak in Israel, ILAN has been serving people with physical disabilities for over 70 years, guiding them and their families through the uncertainty of the present, securing their future, and ensuring that they are not alone.


ILAN is Israel's largest, most inclusive non-profit organization, serving people with physical disabilities nationwide regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion. ILAN provides vital health and human services, assisting with people's various needs, while offering the infrastructure that supports their inclusion in society.

We are the proud recipients of the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement and the Presidential Order for volunteering.
We are Consultative Status Advisors to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) which brings people and issues together to promote collective action for a sustainable world.

ILAN operates a wide variety of activities and services which provide unparalleled care for children and adults with life-limiting conditions.

Professional advisory of rights for people with disabilities: ILAN works closely with the Israeli government, to fight for rights and equality for people with physical disabilities regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion. In the past year alone, ILAN worked on passing legislation that will affect all people with disabilities in Israel and correct past inequalities.
Rehabilitative Sports Centers offering Therapeutic and Competitive Sports: Our graduates won six gold medals and two silver medals in the Tokyo Paralympics and we are already preparing for our next challenge – the Paris Paralympic games in 2024.
Online Education - Offering life skills, psychology, and leadership courses in Hebrew and Arabic.
Rehabilitative Day centers and residential hostels offering paramedical treatment, enrichment workshops social work services and care.
Academic Scholarships for students studying BA and MA degrees
Sheltered Employment offering opportunities for self-sustained integration.
Social and cultural programs such as the “Wheelchair Dance Group”, summer camps for children and youth, family adventures in nature, the ILAN band and much more.
Impact and life skills workshops with a special emphasis on imparting life skills and autonomy.

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ILAN is a recognized non–profit organization for the purpose of charitable tax deductions in Israel (46א) and abroad (501c3).

Each and every donation helps us keep changing the world and making a difference to hundreds of thousands of people with physical disabilities in Israel and around the world.

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