ILAN - The Israeli Foundation for Handicapped Children - was established in 1952 and assists thousands of physically impaired children and adults suffering from neuromuscular disorders such as infantile paralysis, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy.

ILAN provides services to thousands of handicapped individuals throughout the country from its forty branches and thirty facilities. Assistance is offered to anyone with physical disabilities no matter what their affiliation, including individuals from kibbutzim, moshavim, and the Arab and ultra-Orthodox sectors. 

Going to sleep-away camp provides children the opportunity for social encounters, participation in creative and challenging social and athletic activities and field trips, and the chance to become familiar with the country.


Youth movements- provide personal encounters between handicapped and non-handicapped youth and establish direct contact between the participants as equals during activities.


ILAN believes that participation in sports is an integral part of treating the disabled. Not only does it improve their physical condition, but it provides important mental, psychological, and social benefits.


Assistance is offered to individuals to help defray the cost of para-medical treatments, rehabilitation equipment, computers, etc. for those unable to pay for them themselves.


ILAN provides enrichment activities, completion of schooling in a variety of fields, reading, as well as financial support for those who want to continue their formal education


During creative workshops held at ILAN day centers, participants receive training and learn to produce lovely creations in wood and ceramics, greeting cards, jewelry, and oil and watercolor paintings. To purchase, click here

Art for sale - click here